Sonja Poitier was a teenage mother at the very tender age of fourteen. Faced with an ultimatum at that point- to keep or not to keep her baby. She did! Determined to give her son the best opportunities and best life possible, she pressed through the many challenges presented and graduated from high school. She was able to maintain full time employment and pay her way through college subsequently, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences. 

     Sonja is the owner of Destiny & Purpose Publishing, L.L.C., a company she founded to publish her first book, My First Love, True Love Begins in Him. Sonja candidly shares her testimony of how she went from a life of promiscuity, alcohol, and drug use, along with being a victim of Domestic Violence to that of being Victorious. 

     Sonja is wife, mother of five children, and has three grandchildren. 



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Sonja would love to share her story of how she became a survivor of Domestic Violence. To have her attend your next event go to the  Contact Us page.

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